Bradford East Schools 20mph Zones

Purpose of the consultation

City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council

Speed Limit (No. 7) Order 2021

Bradford East Constituency Schools 20MPH Zone


Notice is hereby given that City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council proposes to make the above Order under their powers contained in the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 the general effect of which will be to introduce a 20 mile per hour speed limit zone within the Bradford East Parliamentary Constituency on the following roads:


Airedale Road, Arnford Close, Back Barmouth Terrace, Back Bolton Road, Back Cliffe Road North, Back Cliffe Road South, Back Exmouth Place East, Back Northampton Street, Back Otley Road NW, Back Otley Road SW, Back Portsmouth Avenue, Back Westminster Place, Back Westminster Road, Back Westminster Terrace, Barmouth Terrace, Chatham Street, Cliffe Road, Cranmer Road, Dover Street, Exmouth Place, Falmouth Avenue, Northallerton Road, Northampton Street, Portsmouth Avenue, Prospect Road, Southampton Street, Spinkwell Close, Stanacre Place, Sunny Side Lane,  Westminster Place, Westminster Road, Westminster Terrace, Back Idle Road SW, Back Oxford Road,  Back Peel Park Drive, Oxford Road, Peel Park Drive, Slenningford Road, Airedale College Road,Airedale College Terrace, Airedale Crescent, Back Airedale College Mount, Back Airedale Crescent, Back Beech Grove, Back Beech Terrace, Back Fernbank Road, Back Hatfield Road, Back Heath Road North, Back Hinchcliffe Street East, Back Hinchcliffe Street West, Back Hustler Street North, Back Hustler Street South, Back Newlands Place, Back Otley Road SE, Back Pollard Lane South, Back Undercliffe Street, Beech Crescent, Beech Grove, Beech Terrace, Fernbank Road, Harvest Mews, Hatfield Road, Heath Road, Hinchcliffe Street, Hustler Street, Lowther Street, Mildred Street, Mint Street, Moor View Drive, Newlands Place, Pollard Lane, Primary Way, Quaker Street, Roger Court, St Augustines Terrace, The Lawns, Undercliffe Lane, Undercliffe Old Road, Undercliffe Street, Dewhirst Place, Blucher Street, Fearnville Drive, Watt Street, Alexandra Close, Wellington Street,  William Street, Lilac Grove, Morton Road, Arum Street, Barton Street, Basil Street, Crossley Drive, Darwin Street, Dawnay Road, Exe Street, Floyd Street, Gondal Court, Kettlewell Drive, Melba Road, Nene Street, Powell Avenue, Quaker Lane, Ringwood Road, Rufus Street, Russell Drive, Sage Street, Seldon Street, Tamar Street, Tees Street, Tern Street, Back Baxandall Street, Back Boynton Street

East, Back Boynton Terrace, Back Donisthorpe Street South, Back Loughrigg Street, Back Newton Street NE, Back Newton Street SE, Back Ryan Street East, Back Ryan Street NW, Back Ryan Street  SW, Back St Stephens Terrace North, Back St Stephens Terrace South, Baxandall Street, Bowling Old Lane, Boynton Street, Boynton Terrace, Coates Street, Coates Terrace, Cotewall Road, Defarge Court, Donisthorpe Street, Hillcote Drive, Loughrigg Street, Low Well Road, and Megna Way


A copy of the draft Order together with a map showing the affected roads and the Statement of Reasons for proposing to make the Order may be examined below or obtained from Mark Gillingham, Senior Engineer – Traffic & Road Safety (South) by telephone on 01274 437683 or by email quoting reference number HS/TRSS/105112.


If you wish to object to the proposed Order you should send the grounds for your objection in writing either by post to the address below or by email to to be received no later than 12 noon on 15 April 2022 quoting reference: CORP/PCD/AHK/410157.


Dated this 17th day of March 2022


City Solicitor

Legal and Democratic Services

City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council

City Hall



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