Consultation on Draft Local Information Requirements/Local Validation List

Purpose of the consultation

Local information requirements, also known as local validation criteria, sets out the information that the Local Planning Authority will require to be able to validate, assess and determine planning applications.


National Planning Policy Guidance requires that local information requirements are reviewed every two years to ensure they are reasonable and up-to-date. Local planning authorities should only request supporting information that is relevant, necessary and material to the application in question.


The current local information requirements list was last updated in October 2018 and can be viewed at


The local Information requirements are being updated in order to take account of changes to national planning policy guidance and local planning policy requirements. The aim of the revised requirements is to provide clear guidance for applicants/agents on the plans and supporting information required to make a valid application on submission. It will also to enable us to have all the necessary information to determine the application thus minimising the need for the submission of additional information prior to determination and resultant delays in the processing of the application.


In reviewing the existing and proposed requirements an assessment has been undertaken as to whether they are essential to the determination of the application, related to current planning policy and guidance, the circumstances when they are required, the nature and scale of the proposal and what information is required to be submitted.


How to have your say


We would like to hear your views on the proposed amendments to the Local Information Requirements/Local Validation List.


Your comments will be taken into account in the finalisation of the Bradford Local Information Requirements for Planning Applications.


The consultation period runs from 18 May 2022 until 29 June 2022. We would be pleased to receive any comments that you may have on the proposed changes.


Please email your comments to


We will publish the final version of the revised local requirements on our website and make it available through The Planning Portal.