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Eccleshill heritage - Conservation Area

We the undersigned petition the council to Make the older part of Eccleshill close to the village centre / recreation ground a conservation area.

Eccleshill was originally an independent township prior to being subsumed by Bradford. It was independent as a thriving industrial centre and the village prospered. Several very attractive heritage properties exist, built between @1750 and @1900. Many of these are close to the recreation ground and are in the village centre.
34 properties are Grade II listed (more than any other area in Bradford apart from Saltaire or Little Germany) and these are interspersed with additional UNLISTED, but equally as attractive properties NOT listed, in and amongst those listed ones.
Over time, there has been some modification to these heritage properties which is outside of the listed/heritage planning regulations (e.g. use of wrong materials/designs for roofing, windows, etc. as well as poorly designed extensions these heritage properties) which causes what the authorities would call ‘damage’ to street-scene as well as the properties themselves. Owners of these properties generally regard themselves as privileged ‘custodians’ of a piece of history.
The location is very attractive and we, in Eccleshill are very proud of / enjoy the history of these properties. Given the number of heritage / listed properties, it is felt that - like Idle's and Wrose's conservation area status – Eccleshill ought also be designated Conservation Area (Certainly properties along Moorside Road north section near Recreation ground, those on Stone Hall Road of similar age to Moorwell Place and Stony Lane). A map outlining the proposed area for Conservation Area status has been emailed to Bradford Council’s Conservation team already. We understand they are stretched but also feel that this is vitally important to Eccleshill, and indeed Bradford’s heritage protection.
Not only will this protect these properties and act as a deterrent to any future 'damage' (some of which is already subject to Enforcement Team remedial action for any listed properties affected), but it preserves and maintains a piece of important history. Whilst the listed properties are protected to some degree, legislatively, the other UNLISTED heritage properties are not and there exists significant risk of future owners causing serious negative impact if conservation status does not protect these properties. We urge Bradford Council to commence the process of assessment and designation of conservation status as soon as possible.
Important: Any CURRENTLY UNLISTED properties (or where new owners have bought properties) with e.g. UPVC windows should only be made to reinstate appropriate materials/designs upon replacement of such features. This is only fair given they have bought their properties in good faith and not listed. It also allows for sensible reinstatement of a form of these properties which befits, as close as practicable, original design/state. Whether listed or not – and considering conservation status, due consideration will also, in future, need to be given to environmental performance of heritage properties whilst maintaining the aesthetic. With this in mind, there is no reason why anyone owning any of the negatively affected properties should not also support the motion to award Conservation Area status.

This ePetition runs from 28/04/2022 to 09/06/2022.

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