Local Elections - Thursday, 3rd May, 2012

Election summary for Wards
Wards Elected candidates Elected party or parties Time declared
Baildon Debbie Davies Conservative
Bingley John Allan Pennington Conservative
Bingley Rural Margaret Eaton Conservative
Bolton and Undercliffe Tracey Dawn Leeming Liberal Democrat and independent
Bowling and Barkerend Hassan Uzzaman Khan Labour
Bradford Moor Faisal Khan Respect (George Galloway)
City Ruqayyah Collector Respect (George Galloway)
Clayton and Fairweather Green Michelle Swallow Labour
Craven Adrian Paul Naylor Independent
Eccleshill Ann Wallace Liberal Democrat and independent
Great Horton Abdul Jabar Labour
Heaton Mohammad Shabbir Respect (George Galloway)
Idle and Thackley Alun Owen Griffiths Liberal Democrat and independent
Ilkley Anne Gillian Hawkesworth Conservative
Keighley Central Khadim Hussain Labour
Keighley East Malcolm Slater Labour
Keighley West Adrian Stuart Farley Labour
Little Horton Alyas Karmani Respect (George Galloway)
Manningham Ishtiaq Ahmed Respect (George Galloway)
Queensbury Michael Walls Conservative
Royds Andrew Thornton Labour
Shipley Martin John Love Green Party
Thornton and Allerton Charles Malcolm Sykes Conservative
Toller Arshad Hussain Labour
Tong Michael Johnson Labour
Wharfedale Dale Smith Conservative
Wibsey David Michael Adam Green Labour
Windhill and Wrose Alex Ross-Shaw Labour
Worth Valley Russell Brown Conservative
Wyke David Alexander Robinson Labour